Superior Sound Reinforcement

Funktion One

Throughout our history, we have pursued an approach of excellence in design, manufacture, usability and ethics in our business dealings. We understand sound to be the most important of our senses and in fact, the root of the structure of the entire Universe. As such, we try to pay the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and detail as is possible. We also pay considerable attention to the emotional effect of not just music, but the sound itself, what you might call its 'quality'. In a world where everything is 'dumbing down' and finesse and subtlety are rapidly disappearing, it is a source of pride to us that we are continually going in the opposite direction, expanding the envelope.

On a spiritual level, good music and good sound has the effect of opening peoples' minds and deepening their consciousness which can only be good for the planet.  As Funktion One we represent an unsurpassed pool of experience and expertise in the audio industry having been consistent innovators in audio design, concert touring and sound installation for in excess of 25 years.  Tony Andrews together with John Newsham founded Turbosound in the mid 1970s and brought that company to prominence through several generations of revolutionary loudspeaker designs. Notable examples include the TMS-3, Flashlight and Floodlight systems. During the period of Tony and John's ownership of Turbosound they pioneered and established many of the principles which subsequently became standard audio industry practice. Whilst often imitated, their designs have not been surpassed and have been the first choice of many permanent and touring sound applications around the world. 

Following a period of growing unrest and the purchase of Turbosound by AKG, Tony and John leapt at an opportunity to sever their ties, feeling that Turbosound was no longer an avenue of creative expression for them. Upon leaving Turbosound in 1992 they formed Funktion One along with several other members of the original Turbosound R & D team.  Funktion One's plan focussed around us having the time and resource to properly investigate areas of sonic importance in the achievement of a serious leap forward in performance, by building on the strengths of our innovative past. In other words, continuing our evolution. This means more clarity and intelligibility, more conversion of amplifier energy into acoustic energy, more clean SPL and more controlled dispersion with less size, less weight and less distortion.

The last ten years development programme has now culminated in our Resolution Series of loudspeaker designs.

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